Check out our new Detroit restaurant, Bangkok 96 Street Food.
All stir-fried Thai specialty entrees*, regular Fried Rice, or Noodles with the choice of

Vegetables, Meat or Tofu:
Half Tray: $42 (4-6 people)
Full Tray: $85 (8-10 people)

With Shrimp, Scallop, Crab Meat
Half Tray: $46
Full Tray: $93

Bangkok 96 Fried Rice
Half Tray: $50
Full Tray: $100

*Steam White Rice comes with any of the stir-fried specialty entrees.

Please note that some items may not be available for catering.

Please place your catering order at least 2 days in advance by calling the restaurant line
(313) 730-8161.
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